Helpful Tips and Info...

A reservation a required for a boarding stay. The kennel cough vaccine must be in your dogs system for at least 10 days before boarding.

We will provide everything your pet will need for his or her stay, but if you would like to bring things from home to help your pet feel more comfortable you are more than welcome to. We will not board any pet without up to date vaccine records.

Pet Boarding 

  • $25.00 per day / 1 dog
  • $40.00 per day /2 dogs together
  • $45.00 per day / 2 dogs separate
  • $65.00 per day / 3 dogs separate
  • $55.00 per day / 3 dogs together
  • Cat Boarding $11.00 per day
  • Rabies, Distemper, Kennel Cough Vaccines required. 

Pet Nutrition

  • Natural Pet Foods
  • Grain-Free & Low Calorie Foods
  • Designer Treats, Cookies 
  • Biscuits
  • Natural Chews Treats
  • Store Hours 8am to 6pm Monday - Saturday.
  • Sunday Hours 8am-11am

Pet Grooming Monday-Saturday

Lakewind Kennels provides a full range of grooming and spa treatments. Everything from nail trimming and flea treatments to full baths and hair cuts, we'll treat your pet like the king or queen they are.

Appointments are required. 

*Exact prices can only be given by a certified groomer after seeing the pet